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Sorry, we do not have a printed catalog because our inventory changes often.
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All of our warmers have dimmer controls and use the same size halogen bulb. Most of the warmers are 4" to 5 1/2" tall. The dish is 4 1/2" across. All warmers comes complete with a dish and bulb. Boxed and ready for resale. All you need to purchase extra is the oils. We also sell replacement bulbs and dishes under supplies.

1/2 oz Burning Oil 

  If your customers want strong fragrances try our burning oils in a warmer. You will not be disappointed.  We have listed fragrance oils that we sell in our retail stores.
 Our individual half ounce fragrance oils are packaged in glass bottles with a Premium Fragrance Oil label. However, the oils by the dozens do not have a label so that you can supply your own store logo.
Retail price for half ounce bottles are $3-$7 each.


All of our oils are made in the USA.

Soy Drops are no longer being manufactured. We will continue to sell the Soy Drops that we have in stock. 
Our name has been changed to Premium Fragrance Oils.

  Orders received before 8 a.m. (eastern) will ship same day. Orders received after 8 a.m. (eastern) will be processed on our next business day. We are closed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
 All orders placed during this time will ship on Monday.

  The best way to reach us is by email because we answer emails from home and office. 
 (704) 522-7875