This website is closed.

 I would like to write about all of the reasons that I have decided to close this website and even though it really doesn't matter I feel like I should give our customers some answers. For our close customers that know all about us and our family we lost my sister Shannon (my right hand) in December and last week my doctor told me I had to slow down which is the main reason for closing this store but there are more reasons also....

During the last year of selling online I have noticed lots of cyber changes that are not very good. I feel like trust and internet can not go together in the same sentence. This is a warning to all our customers that sell online.... beware. Do not use photos online unless you have WRITTEN permission to do so. Verbal agreements do not work for internet get everything in writing! Also watch for online customers (even customers that order often) paying using someone else card such as husband, boyfriend, or maybe even just a friend. we have found out the hard way that credit card companies do not care that orders were placed with a password that the customer created for their account, the order shipped and received, but due to their card holder claiming that it was unauthorized charge then the credit card company can and will take money from your account and give it back to the card holder. Meanwhile your customer will keep the items you shipped to them. This has happened
to us several times. So for our customers that sell online please beware of the changing times.

 Retail customers can find us at: 3674 Hwy 51 N Pineville, N.C. H-5,6,&7 and also H-22 every Saturday and Sunday 10a.m. - 2 p.m. Hope to see you there.

To our wholesale customers: Thank you so much. We sincerely hope the very best for each and every one of you.

Tambria McCracken and family