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I am sorry to announce that Soy Drops are no longer being manufactured.
 We are not going out of business and we will continue to sell the Soy Drops that we have in stock.
Our name will be changing to Premium Fragrance Oils.

Vacation weeks October 1-10, 2013 all orders placed during this time will ship on October 14. Orders placed after 12 noon on Sept. 30th will ship out on Oct 14th.
We have No minimum for any order.
  These scented soy drops are full of fragrance. Just pour some in the dish, turn your warmer on and release the fragrances. Use a little or a lot. Never put so much that when melted it will over flow your dish. Scented Soy Drops are packaged in a 3 ounce oval poly container. However, the actual weight of the Soy Drops will be 1 1/2 ounces. Sold individually. Retail $2.50-$4.00 ea.
All orders are calculated by and shipped with UPS.